News and product development

“aA” BRC

We are pleased to announce that we maintained our “AA” BRC status at our recent July audit, demonstrating our continued drive to uphold the best standards for our customers.

New Additions

Latest creations from Phoenix Brands are biscuit balls 6mm and 10mm which are for fat or chocolate coated mini inclusions in dessert mix-ins and toppings. For more information on this and our recipe portfolio contact 01902 490400.

Welcome To Our New Home

We are now settled into our new premises in Wolverhampton and successfully running our new production line which includes a state of the art, computer controlled oven which will enable us to increase throughput and give us increased flexibility to meet customer demands.

We recently undertook our first BRC audit at the new site and are very pleased to have achieved Grade A accreditation.

We have been working hard recently creating new recipes, including Palm fat free, salt free, low fat products and also bespoke recipes for individual customer requirements which we can do if there are sufficient volumes involved to do so.

With our rotary moulding manufacturing facilities we are looking to introduce “pea sized” and smaller biscuit pieces suitable for use in ice cream, dairy, desserts, confectionery and bakery trades. Please contact us for further information.